Monsters of Supernatural

abaddon.jpg  Abaddon was one of the first demons to fall, and was handpicked by Lucifer himself to become one of the Knights of Hell. Abaddon is possibly the last surviving member of the Knights of Hell, as the Archangels were thought to have killed them all. She is the reason why the Men of Letters are disbanded and destroyed. Larry Ganem, the last survivor of the Men of Letters, described her as a "hired gun", but did not say who was in control of her. She has many powers including telekinesis, exorcisms do not affect her, nor does the demon-killing knife of the Kurds. She has super human strength, can cause people's eyes to bleed and go blind, can create and control fire and can read memories by inserting a part of her true form into the person. Her weaknesses include Archangel, they are the only things known to be capable of killing her, a devil's trap will hold her and holy fire will cause extreme pain but will not kill her.

amazon.jpg  Amazons: After their ranks were decimated in a long war, the Amazons made a deal with the goddess Harmonia. She made them stronger, and gave them the ability to reproduce quickly. The Amazon women could give birth 36 hours after having sex, and the children matured rapidly, becoming a teenager within 3 days. The girl then had to kill the man who'd fathered her, removing his hands & feet and carving an Amazonian symbol on his chest. Every two years, women of child bearing age would repeat the cycle. The children were raised by Amazonian elders and taught to endure pain, and dispense it. One of their rituals involved consuming the flesh of a dead father. They were also branded with the sign of the Amazons on the inside of their wrist. They posess superhuman strength and quickly age into adulthood. However, they can be killed with any type of weaponry.

humans.jpg  Even humans have caused some problems. There were the family that were similar to the Benders but instead of robbing, they kidnapped people and hunted them for the thrill. There was also a brother and sister that had been kept prisoner below a house their whole life. Because of this they became more animal than human. They all had the same weaknesses and strengths and any other human would have.

benny.jpg  Benny is a vampire who helped Dean escape Purgatory. Although a vampire, he does not kill humans and lives off of donated blood. He has human emotions and because one of Dean's trusted allies. He has the same strengths and weaknesses as other vampires.

chronos.jpg  Chronos is the Greek god of time. He can travel through time by taking energy from three humans. He has wandered in time since losing his preeminence in the world. In 1944, going by the name Ethan Snyder he meets Lila Taylor in Canton, Ohio. He intended her to be his third victim, but instead fell in love with her. When he accidentally leaves her time, he kills to get the power to return to her. He is capable of moving through time, although ability to control this varies. He can extract "time" from people to aid in his travels and can tell the future of a person who summons him. He can be killed by being stabbed in the heart with a stake madeof olive wood by vestal virgins and dipped in the blood of an unrevealed source.

crocotta.jpg  Crocotta: The true appearance of the crocotta is unknown. It can appear human but when it feeds, it unhinges its jaw and its large, sharp teeth are visible. It is commonly described in legend as luring people by calling their name, drawing them deeper into the forest until it can devour them. In the modern age, the crocotta has evolved to contact people by phone or computer. It can mimik the voice of any person, dead or alive, but they have to have heard their voice first, they have an extended lifespan, able to live centuries, can manipulate technology, drain the soul of the person they have killed and can take on human form. They can be killed by being stabbed in the back of the neck.


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