Monsters of Supernatural

zachariah.jpg  Zachariah is an Angel of Heaven who serves Michael and possibly Raphael. Zachariah is of high-ranking in The Host of Heaven, and holds authority over lower-class angels like Castiel and Joshua. The mission that is given to Zachariah is to get Sam and Dean to stop the apocalypse, first by keeping Lucifer kept in his cage, but this is a lie. He wants the apocalypse to happen and because of his deceit, Sam and Dean are unable to stop the rising of Lucifer. However, Zachariah still has to convince Sam and Dean to agree to be vessels to Michael and Lucifer. He is unable to convince either one, and Dean ends up killing him with an angel blade. He can inflict grave harm on humans with his powers, including giving diseases, breaking bones and removing lungs. He can also Manipulate a human's memories, either by removing them completely or by adding false ones. He is able to bend time and teleport himself and other people to any location on Earth. He can overpower humans without visible effort. He is able to move objects with his mind, implant false prophecy into a prophet's mind and revive the dead. His only weaknesses are the Angel Banishing Sigil and the angel blade

zombie.jpg  An undead person commonly found in the spiritual belief system of Voodoo. Zombies are humans who have had their soul stolen by supernatural means and are forced to work for their "zombie master". Another more morbid version, that are often portrayed in horror films, depict Zombies as cannibalistic beings. Their abilities include superhuman strength, superhuman speed and regeneration. There weaknesses are decapitation, obliteration, head shot and silver stakes.


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