Monsters of Supernatural

vetala.jpg  Vetala are creatures that sedate their victims with venom and then feed on their blood over a number of days. The victim usually dies after three or four feedings. Vetalas prefer to hunt in pairs, although John Winchester hunted a single Vetala and documented it in his journal. Dean hunted a pair of them on his own, while Sam was at Stanford. They have razor sharp teeth, produce a venom that sedates it's victims and are very strong. The can be killed with a silver knife to the heart.

war.jpg  War is one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, along with Famine, Pestilence and Death. He wears a pure gold ring, which is unique amongst the three rings belonging to his brothers as it lacks a gemstone. War travels in a red Mustang which represents the red horse by which the New Testament's Book of Revelation describes him as riding. War's Ring is one of four Rings that forms the key to Lucifer's Cage. The others belonging to Famine, Pestilence and Death. He claims that Famine, Pestilence and Death are his siblings. He is also known as Wormwood. A master manipulator, as the horsemen of War he highly intelligent and deceitful. He enjoys causing chaos and views humans as vicious and violet beings that only need 'a little push to kill one another'. He is immortal by default and through his ring, he can mentally read emotions and thoughts of people, as well as control how they see, smell, hear and feel him. He is indestructible, and can teleport wherever he wants. Removing his ring can make him powerless.

wendigo1.jpg  Wendigo: A creature that was once human but was transformed into an immortal evil spirit when it took up the practice of cannibalism. Wendigos are cursed to wander the land, eternally seeking to fulfil their voracious appetite for human flesh. Various Native American tribes tell slightly different stories about this creature and refer to it by different names Wendigo, Witigo, Witiko and Wee-Tee-Go but each version roughly translates to mean the evil spirit that devours mankind . Around 1860, a German explorer translated Wendigo as cannibal. Wendigos are believed to live in the northern woods of Minnesota and in the north central regions of Canada . Kenora, Ontario, Canada, has been given the title of Wendigo Capital of the World by many. Sightings of the creature in this area have continued well into the new millennium. Wendigos are generally rumored to be gigantic spirits, over fifteen feet tall, lanky and with glowing eyes, long yellowed fangs, terrible claws and overly long tongues. Sometimes they are said to have a sallow, yellowish skin; other times they are described as being matted with hair. The Wendigo's full powers have never been recorded. The creature excels at stealth and is a near-perfect hunter, knowing and using every inch of its territory caves, hills, trees and bushes. Some stories posit that Wendigos can control the weather through the use of dark magic. They have superhuman strength and speed, can imitate human voices, have immortality and claws. They can be kept at bay with a protective circle of Anasazi, can be injured by silver-tipped bows and arrows and can only be killed by burning it to death.

werewolf.jpg  Werewolves are humans that transform into wolf-like creatures under the influence of a full moon. The infection and resultant affliction is commonly referred to as lycanthropy. When they are in wolf-form, they appear human except for their yellow eyes, fangs, and claws, and they use their superior abilities and enhanced senses to hunt humans and eat their hearts. They do not remember transforming or any of the details of what they've done as a werewolf once they return to human form, but it seems that whatever subconscious desires or fears they feel as human translate into action when they are werewolves. The only confirmed way to kill a werewolf is by piercing its heart with Silver. When they are killed in werewolf form, they revert back to their human form. They have superior strength and agility, elongated, sharp fangs and claws, enhanced sight and smell,and can infect others with a bite so that they turn into werewolves themselves at the next full moon. Their weaknesses include silver. Piercing a werewolf through the heart with silver will kill it. Vamptonite will also kill werewolves and it is possible that dismemberment will work also.

wiw.jpg  Woman in White: A folk tale with many variations. The most famous is a Mexican story about La Llorona the Sobbing Woman. The story takes place long ago when a beautiful Indian princess, Don a Luisa de Loveros, fell in love with a handsome Mexican nobleman named Don Nuna de Montesclaros. The princess loved the nobleman deeply and had two children by him, but Montesclaros refused to marry her. When he finally deserted her and married another woman, Dona Luisa went mad with rage and stabbed her two children. Authorities found her wandering the street, sobbing, her clothes covered in blood. She was charged with infanticide and sent to the gallows. Ever since, it is said, the ghost of La Llorona walks the country at night in her bloody dress, crying out for her murdered children. If she finds any child, she's likely to carry it away with her to the nether regions, where her own spirit dwells. A woman in white can be killed like any other ghost, by burning the bones and/or the object attached to their spirit.

wraith.jpg  Wraiths are humanoid creatures whose true nature - including their sagging, decaying flesh - can be seen only in reflection. They appear human except for the long, organic spike that they sheathe in their wrist and use to feed on their victims. Wraiths crack open skulls and feed on brain juice. They can alter the perceptions of any person they touch, making them hallucinate or unbalancing them emotionally and can feed on a person's brains through an organic spike that extends from their wrist. Their weaknesses include mirrors; a wraith's true form is revealed in a mirror and silver. Silver will burn them when it touches the skin and when peirced through the heart, silver will kill it.


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