Supernatural Weapons

Deans colt

We have pretty much covered all of the firearms used in the show, so now we move on to the more unconventional weapons!

arachne  It would seem that flare guns might be an odd choice of a weapon, but they come in handy when the brothers run up against a monster that can only be killed by fire such as the wendigo or the rugaru. A flamethrower works well too!

tazer.jpg  Tasers are usually used by law enforcement or someone who needs some sort of protection when the intention is just to stun the offender. However, the boys use theirs when they are fighting a specific type of monster such as the rawhead. In order for them to work they have to be amped up at over 100,000 volts!

knifesymbols.jpg  A very unusual knife, this one can actually kill demons. The boys got ahold of this one when they were working with a demon who was decieving them. It is known as an ancient demon-killing knife of the Kurds.

angelblade.jpg  This is a specific type of blade that only angels possessed until the Winchesters came into the picture. All that we know for sure is that it is capable of killing both angels, demons and hellhounds.

archangels_blade.jpg  Very similar to the angelblade, the archangel blade will kill everything that the angel blade does plus it will kill archangels.

borax1.jpg  Another very unusual weapon, this one is a weapon against the Leviathan. It won't kill them but it will burn them enough to slow them down.

holy oil.jpg  Holy oil can be used to kill angels. You can trap an angel in a ring of holy oil (it must be lit), kill them with it (again, it must be lit), or if you pass eye wear over the flame of burning holy oil, it will enable you to see hellhounds, which ar invisible otherwise.

deanpurgblade.png  Not a whole lot is known about the Purgatory blade other than we know it will kill vampires and Leviathan by beheading. Dean got ahold of one during the year he was trapped in Purgatory.

holy water.jpg  Although it does not kill anything, holy water is used to burn and inflict pain upon demons.

salt704.jpg  Salt has no killing properties, but it can be used to dissipate ghosts for a short time. It is also used as a barrier against spirits and demons because they cannot cross a line of salt.

swordofbrunswickinstone.jpg  This is the Sword of Bruncvik. It was used to kill dragons because the only thing that can kill a dragon is a blade forged with dragon's blood. There are very few of these left in the world.

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