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Season 9

Season 9 Road So Far #1


Supernatural Season 9 premiered on October 8th, 2013 and concluded on May 20th, 2014. It consisted of 23 episodes beginning with the episode "I Think I'm Gonna Like it Here" and ending with the episode "Do You Believe in Miracles".

Season 9 begins with Sam in a hospital dying from the damage done to him while executing the trials in Season 8. Dean makes a deal with an angel named Ezekiel to heal Sam, but in order for the healing to take place the angel must possess Sam and heal him from the inside. Because Dean knows that Sam would not allow an angel to possess him, he tricks him into saying yes to Ezekiel.

The big bad in this season is Abbadon, the last Knight of Hell. She is wanting to take Hell from Crowley and then destroy the earth and mankind. Crowley has been captured by the Winchesters and is being held in the Bunker's dungeon. It is later revealed that because of Sam injecting him with human blood, he is now addicted to human blood.

While the boys do what they do, we see that Metatron has recruited Ezekiel to work for him, to be his second hand man. His first job is to kill the prophet, Kevin, which he does. We then find out that Ezekiel is not Ezekiel, he is Gadreel, the angel that let the serpent into the garden.

In order for Dean to get Gadreel out of Sam, he has to work with Crowley, as Crowley can get into Sam and make him expell the angel. Sam finally believes him and extracts Gadreel from him. Although it looks like everything worked out for the best, this one act causes a giant rift between the brothers. Sam is extremely angry at Dean for tricking him into getting possessed by an angel when he was ready to die. He states that he can no longer trust Dean. He also states that if the situation was reversed he would let Dean die.

Crowley and Dean set off to find Cain, of Cain and Abel, because Cain has in his possession the First Blade, the only weapon that can kill a Knight of Hell. We find out that Cain is a demon. Cain informs them that he does not have the blade, that he threw it into the deepest part of the ocean and explains that the blade won't work without the Mark of Cain. He says that only special people can take the mark, and that taking the mark does not come without a price. Dean takes it anyway. Dean goes back to the bunker and Crowley sets off to find the blade.

It is eventually discovered that a black marketeer has gotten the first blade so they track him down. This is when Dean discovers that the blade and the mark of Cain are doing something to him. Eventually Abbadon tracks down Crowley, and using his son as leverage, has him set a trap for Sam and Dean. However, the trap doesn't work because Crowley tipped them off. Dean is able to get control of the blade and succeeds in killing Abbadon.

Now they have to take care of Metatron. He has been able to get Castiel's army on his side, so the boys don't have much to work with. In the meantime, Gadreel appears to the boys and states that he wants to help. After Dean tries to kill him and they get Dean under control, they find Gadreel. Gadreel then takes Castiel to Heaven on the pretense of bringing in a prisoner, but they are actually looking for the angel tablet. Metatron is on earth trying to get the humans on his side. Sam and Dean track him down, but Dean knocks out Sam to keep him out of the fight. Dean finds Metatron, but unfortunately Dean is mortally wounded before Sam can get to him. Sam gets Dean to take him out, and Dean states that it is better this way because he doesn't want to turn into what the blade is turning him into. Sam argues, and Dean says "I thought you were ok with this". Sam states "I lied". As they are leaving the building, Dean stops Sam and tells him that he is proud of them. Then he dies.

Meanwhile, Gadreel and Cass are looking for the angel tablet but get caught and jailed. Gadreel carves a sigil into his body to blow it up, thus letting Cass get free. Cass finds the angel tablet but Metatron shows up. Metatron informs Cass that Dean is dead and that angels are just sheep that need to be led. What he didn't realize was the PA system was on and every angel heard what he said. Metatron is now placed in jail.

Conclusion: Sam has decided that since Crowley got Dean into it, he was going to fix it, so he starts summoning Crowley. While this is going on Crowley is upstairs talking to Dean, saying that he didn't know for sure what the blade would do to him, but as time went on he was beginning to see it. He tells him he is not dead, that it is a new kind of life, and tells him to open his eyes, that they can go howl at the wolves. He tells him again to open his eyes. Dean opens his eyes. They are black

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