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Here is the music we have been able to determine so far that's been in Season 1. Enjoy!

1.01 Pilot

  • Classic - Whatcha gonna do
  • Eagles of Death Metal - Speaking In Tongues
  • Allman Brothers Band - Ramblin' Man
  • AC/DC - Back in Black
  • AC/DC - Highway to Hell
  • The Living Daylights - Gasoline
  • Kid Gloves Music - My Cheatin' Ways

  • 1.02 Wendigo

  • Dave Matthew's Band - Out of My Hands
  • Foreigner - Hot Blooded
  • Lynyrd Skynyrd - Down South Jukin'
  • Rush - Fly By Night
  • The Cranberries - Linger

  • 1.03 Dead in the Water

  • Black Toast - What a Way to Go - the Lynnwood Inn, when the guys look through newspaper articles
  • Ratt - Round And Round - when they arrive at Lake Manitoc
  • Billy Squire - Too Daze Gone - in the car with the " We don't have to hug, are we?" -remark
  • Bad Company - Movin' On - at the end when they leave Andrea and her son

  • 1.04 Phantom Traveler

  • Black Sabbath - Paranoid - The "Blues Brothers" on the way to the warehouse
  • Rush - Working Man - in the Impala when they try to get Amanda Walker on the phone
  • Nichion Sounds Libray - Load Rage

  • 1.05 Bloody Mary

  • Fall Out Boy - Sugar We're Going Down - Jill's encounter with Bloody Mary
  • Def Leppard - Rock of Ages - in the car, when they're talking about how Mary is connected to all the mirrors
  • The Rolling Stones - Laugh, I Nearly Died - end of episode when Sam sees Jess at the side of the road

  • 1.06 Skin

  • Iron Butterfly - In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida - shapeshifter is surrounded by police in the apartment
  • Lynyrd Skynyrd - Poison Whiskey - at the gas station, where Sam's reading his emails
  • Filter - Hey Man, Nice Shot - shapeshifter fleeing crime scene and shedding skin in the sewers
  • Free - All Right Now - end of episode when Dean tells Sam that he wished he could have a normal life

  • 1.07 Hookman

  • Split Habit - Higher Mathematics / "Merry Go Round" - beginning of episode, when Lori's getting ready for her date
  • Quiet Riot - Bang Your Head (Metal Health) - when they're arriving at the fraternity house
  • Low Five - Noise - when they meet Murph and question him about the death of the fraternity guy
  • APM - At Rest - at the sermon for Lori's dead friend
  • APM - Royal Bethlehem - when they do research at the library
  • Paul Richards - U Do 2 Me - at the college party
  • Boston - Peace Of Mind - end of episode, when Sam and Dean hit the road

  • 1.08 Bugs

  • Def Leppard - Rock of Ages - at the beginning in the bar scene, also played in Bloody Mary
  • Black Toast - I Got More Bills Than I Got Pay - Dean and Sam attend the open house at Oasis Plains
  • Bernie Marsden - Poke in Tha Butt - plays at the open house when Larry pulls Matt aside after he sees him talking to Sam
  • Bob Reynolds/MasterSource - Medusa - plays very briefly as Dean & Sam park at the university where they get the bones identified
  • The Scorpions - No One Like You - at the end of episode, when the guys hit the road

  • 1.09 Home

  • NONE

  • 1.10 Asylum

  • Bachman-Turner Overdrive - Hey You - at the bar when they question the cop

  • 1.11 Scarecrow

  • Colepitz - Puppet - the song Meg is listening to on her iPod while she's waiting for a ride, when Sam "startles" her
  • Creedence Clearwater Revival - Lodi - at the bus station, when Sam meets Meg again
  • Bad Company - Bad Company - at the end, when Meg makes her "call"

  • 1.12 Faith

  • Blue Oyster Cult - (Don't Fear) The Reaper - when the Reaper kills the girl in the woods

  • 1.13 Route 666

  • The James Gang - Walk Away - at the service station, when Cassie first calls Dean
  • Bad Company - She Brings Me Love - during the love scene between Dean and Cassie
  • Blind Faith - Can't Find My Way Home - at the end of the episode, when Dean puts on his shades

  • 1.14 Nightmare

  • Bob Seger - 2+2=? - at the beginning, when Jim pulls his car in the garage
  • Bob Seger - Lucifer

  • 1.15 The Benders

  • Joe Walsh - Rocky Mountain Way - Kugel's Kec bar, with Dean playing darts and Sam doing research
  • George Gershwin - Sweet and Low Down - Papa Bender butchers something in the kitchen

  • 1.16 Shadow

  • Little Charlie and the Nightcats - You Got Your Hooks In Me - teaser, the song Meredith is listening to on her iPod
  • The Vue - Pictures of Me - Firehead Bar, when Dean hits on the bartender and Sam spots Meg again
  • X - The New World

  • 1.17 Hell House

  • Blue Oyster Cult - Fire of Unknown Origin - the song on the radio Dean is singing
  • Blue Oyster Cult - Burnin' for You - plays when Dean and Sam interview the kids, and also at the end of the episode, when they leave the trailer park
  • Zach Tempest - Slow Death- plays when Dean and Sam go to the music store to talk to Craig for the first time
  • Zach Tempest - Anthem- plays when Dean and Sam go to the music store to talk to Craig for the second time
  • The Waco Brothers - Fast Train Down- plays in the restaurant when Dean gets his hand glued to his beer
  • Rex Hobart and The Misery Boys - Point of No Return

  • 1.18 Something Wicked

  • UFO - Rock Bottom - after the Teaser; Sam and Dean on their way to Fitchburg
  • Ozzy Osbourne - Road to Nowhere - at the end of the episode, when they hit the road again

  • 1.19 Provenance

  • Steve Carlson - Night Time - at the Bar, when Dean hits on the girls
  • Dvorak (composer) - Romantic Piece No. 1- plays at the auction house
  • Black Toast Music - One More Once- plays when Sam and Sarah have dinner together
  • Grand Funk Railroad - Bad Time (To Be In Love) - the song on the car radio; Dean "sets the mood" for Sam and Sarah

  • 1.20 Dead Man's Blood

  • Stevie Ray Vaughan - The House Is Rockin' - teaser; Elkins in the Bar studying his journal
  • Brian Keith Nutter - Searching For the Truth - Sam and Dean are at the diner looking for a job
  • 88 Crash - Trailer Trash - John tells Sam and Dean about vampires
  • Tito & Tarantula - Strange Face Of Love - the vampires partying at their place

  • 1.21 Salvation

  • Kansas - Carry On Wayward Son - played during the recap of events before the actual episode

  • 1.22 Devil's Trap

  • Triumph - Fight The Good Fight - "The Road So Far", recap of previous events
  • Joe Walsh - Turn To Stone - Sam and Dean on the way to Bobby
  • Creedence Clearwater Revival - Bad Moon Rising - end of episode, when they are hit by the truck

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