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The Music of Supernatural

Supernatural is known for it's extensive use of classic rock music. They use it throughout each episode and almost every premeire and finale has a "Road So Far" clip that uses classic rock songs, mostly "Carry On Wayward Son" by Kansas, although they do use others as the needs change. Here is a comprehensive list of the music that has been played in our favorite series. Just click on one of the links below to see what music was used in that particular season. If anyone notices any mistakes, something left out, something to add, etc., please let me know! :)

  Season 1 Music
  Season 2 Music
  Season 3 Music
  Season 4 Music
  Season 5 Music
  Season 6 Music
  Season 7 Music
  Season 8 Music

Page last updated October 13, 2013

Thanks to Sara Dixon-Spencer for all of the research she provided me in order to make this page a reality! Thanks Sara!!