Characters of Supernatural

Although most television series that have been on for 8 seasons have hundreds of characters, only the most prevalent will be listed here.

  !First we start with the man who started it all, John Winchester. When his wife died mysteriously he started on a quest to find out what killed his wife, and this started him down the supernatural path.

  !Married to John Winchester, Mary Winchester was killed by a demon on November 2nd, 1983, exactly six months after her second son Sam was born.

  *The oldest of the Winchester brothers, Dean was born on January 4th, 1979, making him 4 years old at the time of his mother's death. Dean has an extremely close bond with his father John.

  *The youngest of the Winchester brothers, Sam remembered very little of his mother. Sam, unlike Dean, had a deep animosity for his dad, whom he blamed for getting him involved in hunting the supernatural.

  !*Castiel is the angel who rescued Dean from hell. Over time, he has been the brothers' best friend and their worst enemy.

  !Bobby is one of the brothers' father's friends from way back. When their father dies, Bobby takes them under his wing and teaches them everything he knows. He becomes like a father to them.

  !Lucifer was one of God's archangels until he fell from Heaven. His plan was to escape hell and take over earth.

  !Meg is one of Lucifer's most loyal demons. However, over time she starts to develop a friendship with the brothers and Castiel.

  !Crowley is a crossroads demon who has his eye on the corner office. Once Lucifer is locked back into his cage Crowley becomes the King of Hell.

  !Gabriel is an archangel who ran away from heaven and joined the pagans, disguising himself as Loki the trickster. He ends up helping the brothers and gets killed by Lucifer for his efforts.

  !Chuck is the first prophet of the Lord to show up in the series. He writes a collection of books based on the brothers' lives. These books will one day be known as the Winchester Gospel. After the apocalypse is averted, Chuck disappears. There are some who believe that Chuck was really God himself.

  !Kevin Tran is the second and still current prophet of the lord. It has been his mission to translate stone tablets that were written by Metatron, the scribe of God.

  !Garth is quite the lovable character. He first showed up in season 7. After Bobby passed, Garth kind of took over for him because, as he would put it, "Somebody's gotta". His hunting methods are kind of looney, but he gets the job done.

  !Charlie first appeared in Season 7. She is a computer genius/hacker that helped the brothers take down the Leviathan.

  *Last but not least, we have Baby, everyone's favorite character! Baby is a 1967 Chevy Impala 4-door. She belongs to Dean, who recieved her from his father. Baby has been totaled twice so far but each time Dean lovingly rebuilds her!

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